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What is Vcarvz?   Vcarvz is a program to carve letters and closed shapes from a dxf file.  It develops tool paths for V-tipped cutter carving.

Above: The original design as drawn in Vector-Cam

Above: Lettering added in Vcarvz and toolpaths calculated.

Above: The design cut into a 2x4.  Maximum depth of cut set at .100 inch.

Above: The same design with the outer ring deselected and islands recalculated in Vcarvz.  The hatch pattern behind the design was done in Vector, based on the Center regions calculated in Vcarvz.

Below: Additonal shot of the original and some action cutting scenes.

The suncatcher below is 4.5 inches in diameter in 1/4 inch Plexiglas on a red background, made with a Shopbot.

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